The Importance of SNAP: Nevada Senior Services and the Application Process

2021 Poster ~

Carrie Aalberts, Community Outreach and Training Coordinator, Nevada Senior Services and Kellee Lightfoot, Director of the Care Partner Institute, Nevada Senior Services

The pandemic has brought out a lot of issues for families that weren’t there before. When we have a hard time we call on friends and neighbors to help us through, but with this long-standing time of need people need more. Too many Nevadans are hungry and under nourished at this time. That is why SNAP is essential. SNAP stands for supplemental nutrition assistance program. SNAP mainly serves children, seniors and people with disabilities. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed thousands of people who have never been in this situation, where they’re not able to put food on the table. SNAP allows them the help they need to sustain during this time and after. It is especially important for people to sign up for SNAP at this time because the Covid pandemic has overwhelmed our food banks.

SNAP is the largest program working to fight hunger in America. Nevada Senior Services wants to help all those who qualify for SNAP. However, we are honing in on our isolated seniors in Nevada. Isolated seniors are at such a high risk for a myriad of issues and not eating enough or not eating nutritiously is one of them.

The SNAP application process can be daunting for some, as it is lengthy. That is why Nevada Senior Services has gotten such a grant, so we can provide that support and assistance. We want to make this easy and accessible for everyone who needs it because everyone deserves to eat nutritiously and have food on their table.