ENGAGING WITH AGING - Nevada Senior Services partner

Nevada Senior Services is pleased to continue to present Engaging With Aging, a statewide conversation about Aging Issues In Nevada encompassing skills building, networking; and, presentations by leading Nevada and national speakers. In 2019, Nevada Senior Services held its first statewide aging services conference, Engaging with Aging.

Engaging With Aging 2021 will focus on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Nevada with an energetic half-day virtual conference offering dynamic speakers, professional CEU’s, educational and learning experiences, break-out sessions and poster-sessions all rooted in our community’s reinvention of aging services post-pandemic. The virtual conference will showcase our Sponsors and offer extensive networking opportunities. Engaging With Aging will also continue to present the Lucy Peres Award for contributions and leadership to aging services in Nevada.

Engaging With Aging, Continuing A Long Tradition
In 2019, Nevada Senior Services was passed the mantle of a statewide aging services conference when the Aging Services Directors Organization (ASDO) decided to dissolve. ASDO was founded in 1982 by Myla Florence, then the Nevada Administrator of Aging Services. It was Myla’s goal to set up a network of City, County, State and private organizations that worked with the older adult communities in Nevada. The agencies and organizations were set up to meet and share their ideas and services in order to better serve seniors. The attending organizations distributed information about their programs for seniors and members shared contact and referral information to make these programs more accessible to their communities. In October each year, ASDO has sponsored a Caregiver’s Conference. CEU’s are offered and many speakers have shared beneficial information over the years.

Nevada Senior Services proudly continues this tradition under the current banner- Engaging With Aging: Nevada’s Forum on Aging. We are committed to the vision of a vibrant aging network enhanced by the “annual conference”. In 2019, the first Engaging With Aging Conference brought together over 325 aging professionals statewide.

Engaging With Aging will continues to present an opportunity for the aging network to engage in vibrant conversation and sharing about timely aging issues in Nevada.

We very much hope to that this will be an opportunity to bring the entire aging network together. We hope that you will join us and be an active participant sending representatives, participating in the dialogue, and also consider sponsorship opportunities.